“Space is a story about a astronaut who is on a ground braking mission to be the first human to reach the edge of the solar system and make back alive, through his story he experiences many hardships including technical problems, being alone, etc.”
Launch 9 / 10

The introduction to the project, with a little slow build up, and little sounds similar to pressing buttons to initiate a launch are heard, and they’re done in such an amazing rhythm that you just feel so attracted to, if that’s the right way to describe it.

17000 MPH 9 / 10

The gapless album is proven here as the album transitions perfectly together. As if he created the album as one giant track and simply cut it into pieces as he went along. You can almost just picture the character in the seat as he’s soaring through the atmospheres at 17000 MPH. In the last seconds of the song, the song slows down, and shows him disconnecting with earth, and everyone he knows and love.

Launch Success 9.5/10

More of an upbeat song, with seems to be a sample of some vocal (almost choir like) singing, which help symbolize that the launch was a success. Once the drums drown out a bit, there’s a bit of a reggae feel in the song. A song that can be played back to back, and doesn’t seem as if it should be stopped so quickly.

117 Days 9 / 10
Some drums that will make you want to move your body, and the transitions are like before, but that may be to the change of acts. The album plays a story with the music, but it obvious jumps. The title suggests 117 days later after the launch. There’s some joy in it, but you can sort of feel some of the sadder emotions pour onto the track as it plays out to the end.

Red 9.5 / 10
Starts of with a nice slow pace but builds up quickly, if done right, some type of emotional words can be sung or even rapped if done correctly and the track will be pulled off beautifully. A more of emotional lonely feel compared to the rest of the album so far, but still a sense of excitement.

Communication Breakdown 9 / 10
A little music that seems almost child-like at first, the drumming keeps you into it. The static like rumbling noise and odd yells here and there suggests that something is acting up, and not going properly. It slowly fades away into Act 3.

Astroid Belt (Damage) 10 / 10
You can almost hear the plane, or rocket soaring through something at the beginning. An ominous feeling to the music, a sense of an approaching danger. Not a tense feel out of a horror film, but just a foreshadowing a type of damage. The repeating noises can show that it was asteroids crashing into the ship. The song ends with a “I’m getting back up stronger” feel to it, as if he feels superior and nothing can stop him anymore.  It doesn’t last for very long, as you can tell that something is going wrong, similar to a car with no fuel, the ship ran out of power.

Back Up Power 9 / 10
The opposite of the ending is playing, which helps signify that power is starting up again. You can hear the struggle that the man is going through, almost like they’re breaking through barriers which can almost be heard.

Eupopa 7.5 / 10
An emotional beginning. But doesn’t personally go far from emotional. A nice laid back song. Some piano keys are being hit sparsely

Subterranean Mindsick Alien 10/10
First released as a single, and this version is different and better. The intro to this song, is a bit odd but keep into it, and it starts playing up and the piano and the drums just add together to this beautiful beat. The drums just keep going, and the beat changes here and there. A song to be played over and over again, this track is nothing short of professional. Pure emotion, and by emotion doesn’t imply sad, but also powerful emotion.

Subterranean Mindsick Alien (Reprise) 20 / 10
A continuation to what happens after the man runs into the alien. Beautiful, and more powerful, more concise. Aspects of the original can be heard, but adds a new touch. Best track on the album. (F* the formal format, this track got laser guns!)  Some vocal samples are used, and not fully sure what it says.

9 Years Just To Get To A Rock 9 / 10
Exactly what the song is titled; the end is just a rock. The opening moments of the song have “that’s it?” type of feel to it. The drums are epic and almost breaking noises, shows the man angry and upset and depressed that he spent 9 years of his life for this.

Now What? 8 / 10
Opens with a bass line, and the drums are great. A sort of reminiscent feel of everything that happened.

U-Turn 9 / 10
A calming sadden song, that on one hand makes the listener feel sad about everything but still knowing that it’ll be alright. An amazing song, with an amazing feel that leads you to the finale.

18 Years 11 / 10
18 years later, everything’s hitting him as if he comes back into the world. The guitar strings are similar to a psychedelic Pink Floyd track. Beautifully done with all the world noise and the drums. The track slowly dies it and you’re wanting more, but it’s as if it’s not enough. The album slowly fades out.

Absolutely outstanding, and amazing. Never heard anything like it, and 5th should be signed to a label and produce beats for people. It’s unique, and amazing. Can’t wait for a next project.