A person who produces own beats isn’t as rare as it may have been in the past. 5th Element is someone that may or may not be known to you; probably the latter. He has a few projects that he is currently working on and his latest mis-titled album “Junk” is unlike what you’d expect from an “up-and-coming producer” This album is purely experimental and is a complete 180 from the typical “Club bangers.”

It starts off with the two part song, “Broken” and “Heart” (Broken Heart when the two collide) the fluid transition between the two tracks makes you wonder when the second part starts. The song(s) are a slow simplistic instruments with a continuous drum beat keeping the rhythm. The lyrics “Though I have a broken heart / I’m too busy to be heartbroken /There’s a lot of things to be done / Lord I have a broken heart” are completely seemed hidden to  the music. The music sounds as if it came straight out of (500) Days Of Summer or even Little Miss Sunshine.

What seems to be a unique sample of a phone ringing starts the next track off. The drums kick in and over it you can slightly hear the ringing and an occasional simplistic singing. Listen closely enough and you may hear the birds whistle before the tempo changes and then the drums gains a new beat as well. Close your eyes and you’ll recognize the music paints you a scenery, of you driving in a car while a little rain shower occurs above you. The music seems to cheer you up, and then bring you back down with a reoccurring lightning strikes and heavy rainfall.

What seems to be the word “Louder” starts the next song. After listening to the first three songs you have an idea of what this album will be like and what effect it would have on you.

Every song has a unique sound and sounds as if it should be in a movie; each song in a different movie though.

“Desire” is the track that leaves you wanting more. The way beat builds it’ll leave you hanging for somebody to rap or song on it. The song even contains a chorus of someone saying, “Here’s a little story that must be told,” so, where’s the story Element? Don’t keep us hanging anymore.

The next two part song “The Day Before (Dead)” and “The Day After (Alive)” is just as brilliant as the opening track(s). After a minute the drum kicks in and an object that seems to be flying around you heard. A personal suggestion; make a movie with this soundtrack or I will. The next part has a guitar and after a bit it starts to get louder. Let’s be honest, the minimal lyrics on this album isn’t phenomenal but that may be because it’s hard to find lyrics that can match something so magnificent.

In “When The Money Is Gone” after a minute plays the music, the music seems to disappear and quickly someone says “1,2,3 and”  where 4 should be the beat starts and it’s another track that leaves you thinking, “Is someone going to start?”

The finale “Alarm” which just as well samples what seems to be a jail alarm to start the track. The repeating sample builds the beat and gives you the idea of a rap-able beat comes next, but rather a piano starts first. First because quickly after the beat comes and though the beat may not be  something upbeat where the typical rapper would rap about money, or weed. The beat and the slowness calls for a “down-to-earth” finale. The beat drops and the piano stays. The last 20 seconds of the project sounds like plain static. My opinion; static should have left and the piano should end this project. At the same time, who am I to mess around with something brilliant?

Broken 9 /10

Heart 10 / 10

Birds And Wolves 9 / 10

Trip 8 / 10

Desire 9 / 10

Space Oddity 7.5 / 10

The New Sun 7.5 / 10

Riot, Then The Cops 8 / 10

European Night Trains (1939) 8 / 10

The Day Before (Dead) 8.5 / 10

The Day After (Alive) 8.5 / 10

A Day Late 7.5 / 10

Off Beat 7.5 / 10

When The Money Is Gone 8 / 10

Alarm 9 / 10

Junk 9 / 10

Listen to something new, and experience this album.


It’s free, listen to it.