This musician has recently had her “success story” and is currently enjoying her well deserved fifteen minutes of fame. Lights (yes, she legally changed her name to this) has been on the radio airwaves and music channels constantly since her debut single “Drive My Soul.” Her first official release was a short 6-track EP that personally was on repeat when it first came out. The music on her EP and later debut album “The Listening” is catchy and her voice is unique and talented and proves she deserves all the attention she has. During her first two releases, excluding her remix EP’s of songs “Ice” and “Saviour” her voice is worked on a bit in the studio and it’s during these songs that you don’t realize the true talent of her singing abilities. During live performances or acoustic performances is when you can really appreciate her, there’s no studio producing when she’s performing on a stage right in front of you.

On July 20th, she released a short simple Acoustic EP containing only 5 songs of two of her singles and one cover of a Rancid song. The cover is surprising because Rancid is a punk band and her music is far away from punk; and this EP is far away then most albums. One acoustic guitar and her voice; that’s what the entire record is. Four words to describe this; sweet, simple, short, satisfying.

The first song “River” is a slow song on her debut album and it opens and sets the mood for the other songs on the album. The chorus will leave you singing along “Take me river, carry me far / Lead me river, like a mother / Take me over, to some other unknown / Put me in the undertow.” If this song doesn’t leave you in awe, the rest of it has to.The acoustic version of “February Air” is just as addicting as the original, if not more addicting. Is that even possible? If you’ve heard the song before you will without a doubt sing along with the chorus and if you never heard it before, it’s repeated enough for you to learn the lyrics easily. The cover of Rancid’s “Fall Back Down” slows the fast-paced track down and does the punk anthem justice. The next two songs leave you feeling satisfied and in awe just like every song on the EP before that.

The five songs equal to less than 20 minutes of music and each second of it is worth the very small amount of money you would be paying to get this album.  This short album is very cheap due to the fact that it’s only 5 songs on it and because it’s cheap; I recommend you to give it a chance because it won’t leave you disappointed. It’s catchy just like her full studio songs, and it’s filled with real talent. Give this a spin or two, you will not regret it.

1. River (Acoustic) 9 / 10

2. February Air (Acoustic) 9 / 10

3. Fall Back Down (Acoustic) 8.5 / 10

4. Saviour (Acoustic) 9 / 10

5. Romance Is… 9 / 10

LIGHTS.Acoustic 9 / 10