The-Dream's Third Album

1. Love King

L to the O. V, to the E. K to the I. N to the G.” A catchy intro to any song, let alone your album. The-Dreams’ third album starts off on a good, and a catchy song, like always. Something I’ve noticed in songs of his, is he’s never afraid to be, I guess the word is real. He jokes around, he’s not afraid to hold back on swearing. He’s honest, and his music shows it. “Dream dropped another one. Tell them niggas bye-bye.” The song is about how he has girls around him and that are his, everywhere and anywhere. “Girls in the club, girls in the church, pull ‘em all day, I take ‘em off work.” A personal favorite line of his, “I got girls with weave, girls without it. She’s like, ‘this all mine’ ‘Hmm… I doubt it.’” He shouts some major cities that he has girls in, one is my hometown: L.A., Miami, Chicago, Toronto, Paris. The catchy hook comes in, “Half to my main girl, quarter to my sidekick, I be on that fly shit.” What does his hook exactly mean? Not a clue. “L to the O,” the damn catchy chorus kicks right back in, a chorus that gets stuck in my head, and most likely will to you too. The second verse, and he lists more things, like cell phone companies in U.S.A.: Sprint, AT&T, Metro. “A girl outta college, sorry ladies but there ain’t nothing like a smart bitch.” See, he’s true, and honest. The bridge comes in and he sings “You should know me like that.” And my favorite line comes in once more again.

2. Make Up Bag (Feat. T.I.)

This is the proof behind his swearing, first couple lines. “She madder than a motherfucker, ‘cause shawty is badder than a motherfucker.” This song is about him cheating and coming home and having his girlfriend reaction about it. Personally, I find this song ridiculous but then again, he’s a celebrity, so it’s normal for them. “She don’t want to hear me, don’t want to be near me, and she’s in the right ‘cause I got make up all on my collar. Chanel number 5 is all up on my shirt.” That’s the proof that he’s cheating, and here’s when he encourages cheating (in a small way). “Gonna spend night all alone, but it’s going to be fine cause this works every time.” His chorus comes in, “If you ever make your girlfriend mad, don’t let your good girl go bad, drop 5 stacks on her make up bag.” Not sure if he knows, not everyone has $5000 to just let your girlfriend or wife buy make up. The second verse comes, and it’s just as good as the first, and seems similar to until the last line, the girlfriend allows all this unnecessary shopping; “She said, you don’t want to break up? You know what to do to make up.”  T.I.’s verse comes soon after, and his flow is slow, but it fits with the song perfectly, I think it’s the best part of the song. “I’m in the club wasted, minding my own business, and they was all on me, I can’t help that broads want me.” He tells her to spend money just like The-Dream tells his girl, “I don’t buy ‘em cause you mad at me, swear to God I just want to see your sexy ass happy.” Nice save, I’m guessing?

3. F.I.L.A.

A more upbeat type of song; F.I.L.A. stands for Fall In Love Again. A nice touch in the song, is the beginning is when he says, “now do it acapella,” and the beat drops and the singing continues. I personally enjoy this song, but why? Why, is a hard question to answer. The lyrics aren’t fully there, nothing stands out, not that something from a swearing R&B artist should have, but nothing lyrically stands out. His voice, still comes out sounding good, but the song comes with this “happy” feeling, that cheers you up. Especially the chorus, he sings “Can you make me fall in love again?” and the entire time, he’s singing backup to the chorus singing “ahhh.” Nothing special at all, but it’s good. In the hook, he sings how he took somebody’s woman away, and she grabs his hand and asks him to make her fall in love again. The bridge is him promising the woman some things, but with the history of the other two previous songs, will he break them?

4. Sex Intelligent

The transitions from one song to the next for every album, including this one are just great, it fits perfectly and sometimes you can’t tell until the verse or chorus. “Face down, ass up, that’s the way we like to (oh!)” The intro is, I believe The-Dream rapping but the voice is “chopped” up, the song is pretty slow but the end of the verses it speeds up a bit and it sounds better. When the hook starts, you can enjoy the song more, “Baby girl, I make every nigga irrelevant, I’m sex intelligent.” The second verse is him saying how the girl is his, and uses comparisons to show it. The ending of the song is where everything gets much better. “Whatever you had to do is irrelevant, I’m sex intelligent. A-T-L-A-N-T-A.” And then, the intro into the “remix” starts.

5. Sex Intelligent Remix

“And she wants me to remix this dope shit.” It’s more of an upbeat faster sequel than a remix. The-Dream starts singing and it’s just similar to the previous song, but it’s sped up a bit more. Even the chorus is similar, “My sex intelligent, it makes all you other niggas irrelevant.” The second verse is him, rapping, kinda. It sounds more like he’s talking. The third verse is him singing, over a lowered beat, making it feel like an “acapella” moment. “Just for you, I’ll drop another cd.” This is what his fans hopes for because The-Dream said that he planned to retire after this one. “6-7-2011. I’ma drop that Love Affair.” It only makes sense that’s his next album, the Love in every title (Love/Hate. Love Vs Money, and of course Love King.) Now, fans of The-Dream have something to look forward to.

6. Yamaha

The beat reminds me of something that would have come out from a band like Daft Punk, or also some type of “chase scene” from an anime film. (Akira is coming to mind) The intro is him just repeating himself; he’s saying he doesn’t know the name of “Lil mama.” He starts singing to her saying, or more like trying to convince her to get with him. “I didn’t catch your name Lil’ mama, but I’ve decided. Every time I mention you, I’ll say Yamaha.” What does that even mean? He sings to her, trying not to let her leave him.  He comes to the chorus again, singing Yamaha over, and over again. Yamaha, being a type of car, or motorcycle more specifically, and it reminds me of the whole concept of “Fast Car” from his debut album (Love/Hate). “This one is for you, still got your name tattooed on my back.” Yamaha, or her real name? The beat gets lowered, and the voice gets stronger, and it sounds so much better then the rest of the song. Just like every other song on the album, you never tell when it ends and the next one begins.

7. Nikki Pt. 2

“I miss you.” I always thought that part was Yamaha; I won’t ever remember that it’s part of this song and not the last one. About the first 30 seconds of the song, is thrown away from what could have been a classic with this beat; the original was a classic and the fact that this one is so short is a disappointment. “It’s been two whole years, one album later.” It’s really a continuation. “If I said I didn’t miss, girl I would be lying.” The verse is short and simple. The hook, or the chorus is amazing, and the song just gets better instantly during the chorus. “Use to say I love you, now I scream fuck you.” I’d like to hear more about what happened with this Nikki girl. The amazing, but unfortunately short song ends with him singing, “And it’s all because of Nikki.” And eventually, with a darker beat comes “And it’s all because of you.” The darker beat starts the new, darker lyrics for Abyss.

8. Abyss

Just about the darkest song I’ve heard, at least from an R&B artist. The beat, seems suspenseful and dark, and it has that feeling. “So now, cry until you drown your face. Bitch, I don’t give a damn how harsh this may seem. I’m here to put your heart in its place: chained up in a bottom of the lake. Now let the water fall; abyss.” It’s unique, and the imagery is great; by that, it paints a pretty vivid picture for me. It’s true; The-Dream is a writing genius. The hook is the major thing that stands out for me, and I don’t think anything really stands out for me. The majority of the song he sings Abyss, and it’s a bit too repetitive, unfortunately. I wish more lyrics stood out for me in this song, but it was a great listen.

9. Panties To The Side

With a roar by a lion (random, yeah, I know) the song that I can’t play on a speaker too loud starts playing. “All we need baby is me and you. Cell’s off; just us too.” A song that I thought I honestly would never hear, at least at this point. “I’ll never be a pop star, I’m too raw. I’ll never be the hot actor; I’m too cold. I’ll never be the cover of a magazine, if you could tired of faking it. Call me.” That’s a lie, I’ve seen many covers of magazines with The-Dream on it. “I want to make love, to you baby doll. Pull your panties to the side, I’ll break you off.” Really? Of all things to do, pull them to the side? He said; make love, not a quickie. The beat definitely goes with the lyrics, and the chorus, the way he sings it, it would be perfectly for a single, and so would the whole song, except the lyrics aren’t going to be good. The beat changes. “Love Queen, put me in the corner.” The guitar, real or artificial, makes the beat, and the beat gets insane. The song ends him saying “call me.”

10. Turnt Out

The intro has the looped of him singing “call me.” The verse is in falsetto, and it’s during this song you can actually hear his singing range, and how skilled he actually is when it comes to singing. “You’re my bakery, where’s my dessert?” With lyrics like that, and the falsetto, and the slow smooth music, it’s obvious where the song will go. The song is obviously going to be used by couples during, nights. The calming and smooth music, I’ve listened to the song to calm me down, because it’s a nice song to listen to, if you don’t listen to the actual lyrics. The lyrics are good as well, just not everybody’s favorite type of lyrics, when you’re trying to calm down. Best lines of the song, “She on riding it out she’s like baby baby. My bad, I meant to say (falsetto voice) baby baby.” Reminds me of his other song; Falsetto. This is from the only verse that isn’t in falsetto. The song continues, and he sings “That’s my nigga right there” in falsetto, it sounds a bit funny, to me at least. The song slows down and ends.

11. February Love

This song starts with a piano and it seems simple, but like it’ll have a huge impact to any listener, an idea of that came to me when I first heard this. He starts singing, smoothly and to the speed of the song, “If you’re spring, I’m summer. If I’m fall, you’re winter. Speaking of winter be my February love.” He repeats himself, and he sings it well, and consistent. The beat picks up a bit at the 2 minute mark, the way that he sings stays the same until he starts singing in falsetto. Unfortunately the song never picks up and speeds up. The song, it’s great, but a bit too slow in my honest opinion.

12. Florida University

The song starts with what I wish the upbeat of February Love had, “I used to love you (shawty) you used to love me (shawty).” This song, during the verse, literally has the word shawty after every line. The song is upbeat, and would be that perfect, “club banger” off the album. This song, is great, upbeat, funny, and just all over perfect cheer you up song, “What rhymes with asshole? Asshole.” That’s classic. “Forget you ever heard of me, this is short for Florida University. Eff you. Eff you. Eff you.” To me, it’s a great finale type of song, I can’t find any bad criticism in my opinion, except too many shawtys. At two points of the song, is my favorite part. The beat drops and it goes to a guitar, and then back into the beat. “This is short for Florida University, Eff you, eff you.” The song is great, and I can picture and imagine many people dancing to it. The beat just goes on, and you wish the song never ends, and eventually it does, and you feel happy with what you heard.

Love King 8 / 10

Make Up Bag 8.5 / 10

F.I.L.A. 8 / 10

Sex Intelligent 7.5 / 10

Sex Intelligent Remix 8.5 / 10

Yamaha 7.5 / 10

Nikki Part 2 9 / 10

Abyss 8.5 / 10

Panties To The Side 8.5 / 10

Turnt Out 9 / 10

February Love 8.5 / 10

Florida University 9.5 / 10

Love King 9 / 10