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5th Element – Space

“Space is a story about a astronaut who is on a ground braking mission to be the first human to reach the edge of the solar system and make back alive, through his story he experiences many hardships including technical problems, being alone, etc.”
Launch 9 / 10

The introduction to the project, with a little slow build up, and little sounds similar to pressing buttons to initiate a launch are heard, and they’re done in such an amazing rhythm that you just feel so attracted to, if that’s the right way to describe it.

17000 MPH 9 / 10

The gapless album is proven here as the album transitions perfectly together. As if he created the album as one giant track and simply cut it into pieces as he went along. You can almost just picture the character in the seat as he’s soaring through the atmospheres at 17000 MPH. In the last seconds of the song, the song slows down, and shows him disconnecting with earth, and everyone he knows and love.

Launch Success 9.5/10

More of an upbeat song, with seems to be a sample of some vocal (almost choir like) singing, which help symbolize that the launch was a success. Once the drums drown out a bit, there’s a bit of a reggae feel in the song. A song that can be played back to back, and doesn’t seem as if it should be stopped so quickly.

117 Days 9 / 10
Some drums that will make you want to move your body, and the transitions are like before, but that may be to the change of acts. The album plays a story with the music, but it obvious jumps. The title suggests 117 days later after the launch. There’s some joy in it, but you can sort of feel some of the sadder emotions pour onto the track as it plays out to the end.

Red 9.5 / 10
Starts of with a nice slow pace but builds up quickly, if done right, some type of emotional words can be sung or even rapped if done correctly and the track will be pulled off beautifully. A more of emotional lonely feel compared to the rest of the album so far, but still a sense of excitement.

Communication Breakdown 9 / 10
A little music that seems almost child-like at first, the drumming keeps you into it. The static like rumbling noise and odd yells here and there suggests that something is acting up, and not going properly. It slowly fades away into Act 3.

Astroid Belt (Damage) 10 / 10
You can almost hear the plane, or rocket soaring through something at the beginning. An ominous feeling to the music, a sense of an approaching danger. Not a tense feel out of a horror film, but just a foreshadowing a type of damage. The repeating noises can show that it was asteroids crashing into the ship. The song ends with a “I’m getting back up stronger” feel to it, as if he feels superior and nothing can stop him anymore.  It doesn’t last for very long, as you can tell that something is going wrong, similar to a car with no fuel, the ship ran out of power.

Back Up Power 9 / 10
The opposite of the ending is playing, which helps signify that power is starting up again. You can hear the struggle that the man is going through, almost like they’re breaking through barriers which can almost be heard.

Eupopa 7.5 / 10
An emotional beginning. But doesn’t personally go far from emotional. A nice laid back song. Some piano keys are being hit sparsely

Subterranean Mindsick Alien 10/10
First released as a single, and this version is different and better. The intro to this song, is a bit odd but keep into it, and it starts playing up and the piano and the drums just add together to this beautiful beat. The drums just keep going, and the beat changes here and there. A song to be played over and over again, this track is nothing short of professional. Pure emotion, and by emotion doesn’t imply sad, but also powerful emotion.

Subterranean Mindsick Alien (Reprise) 20 / 10
A continuation to what happens after the man runs into the alien. Beautiful, and more powerful, more concise. Aspects of the original can be heard, but adds a new touch. Best track on the album. (F* the formal format, this track got laser guns!)  Some vocal samples are used, and not fully sure what it says.

9 Years Just To Get To A Rock 9 / 10
Exactly what the song is titled; the end is just a rock. The opening moments of the song have “that’s it?” type of feel to it. The drums are epic and almost breaking noises, shows the man angry and upset and depressed that he spent 9 years of his life for this.

Now What? 8 / 10
Opens with a bass line, and the drums are great. A sort of reminiscent feel of everything that happened.

U-Turn 9 / 10
A calming sadden song, that on one hand makes the listener feel sad about everything but still knowing that it’ll be alright. An amazing song, with an amazing feel that leads you to the finale.

18 Years 11 / 10
18 years later, everything’s hitting him as if he comes back into the world. The guitar strings are similar to a psychedelic Pink Floyd track. Beautifully done with all the world noise and the drums. The track slowly dies it and you’re wanting more, but it’s as if it’s not enough. The album slowly fades out.

Absolutely outstanding, and amazing. Never heard anything like it, and 5th should be signed to a label and produce beats for people. It’s unique, and amazing. Can’t wait for a next project.


5th Element – Junk

A person who produces own beats isn’t as rare as it may have been in the past. 5th Element is someone that may or may not be known to you; probably the latter. He has a few projects that he is currently working on and his latest mis-titled album “Junk” is unlike what you’d expect from an “up-and-coming producer” This album is purely experimental and is a complete 180 from the typical “Club bangers.”

It starts off with the two part song, “Broken” and “Heart” (Broken Heart when the two collide) the fluid transition between the two tracks makes you wonder when the second part starts. The song(s) are a slow simplistic instruments with a continuous drum beat keeping the rhythm. The lyrics “Though I have a broken heart / I’m too busy to be heartbroken /There’s a lot of things to be done / Lord I have a broken heart” are completely seemed hidden to  the music. The music sounds as if it came straight out of (500) Days Of Summer or even Little Miss Sunshine.

What seems to be a unique sample of a phone ringing starts the next track off. The drums kick in and over it you can slightly hear the ringing and an occasional simplistic singing. Listen closely enough and you may hear the birds whistle before the tempo changes and then the drums gains a new beat as well. Close your eyes and you’ll recognize the music paints you a scenery, of you driving in a car while a little rain shower occurs above you. The music seems to cheer you up, and then bring you back down with a reoccurring lightning strikes and heavy rainfall.

What seems to be the word “Louder” starts the next song. After listening to the first three songs you have an idea of what this album will be like and what effect it would have on you.

Every song has a unique sound and sounds as if it should be in a movie; each song in a different movie though.

“Desire” is the track that leaves you wanting more. The way beat builds it’ll leave you hanging for somebody to rap or song on it. The song even contains a chorus of someone saying, “Here’s a little story that must be told,” so, where’s the story Element? Don’t keep us hanging anymore.

The next two part song “The Day Before (Dead)” and “The Day After (Alive)” is just as brilliant as the opening track(s). After a minute the drum kicks in and an object that seems to be flying around you heard. A personal suggestion; make a movie with this soundtrack or I will. The next part has a guitar and after a bit it starts to get louder. Let’s be honest, the minimal lyrics on this album isn’t phenomenal but that may be because it’s hard to find lyrics that can match something so magnificent.

In “When The Money Is Gone” after a minute plays the music, the music seems to disappear and quickly someone says “1,2,3 and”  where 4 should be the beat starts and it’s another track that leaves you thinking, “Is someone going to start?”

The finale “Alarm” which just as well samples what seems to be a jail alarm to start the track. The repeating sample builds the beat and gives you the idea of a rap-able beat comes next, but rather a piano starts first. First because quickly after the beat comes and though the beat may not be  something upbeat where the typical rapper would rap about money, or weed. The beat and the slowness calls for a “down-to-earth” finale. The beat drops and the piano stays. The last 20 seconds of the project sounds like plain static. My opinion; static should have left and the piano should end this project. At the same time, who am I to mess around with something brilliant?

Broken 9 /10

Heart 10 / 10

Birds And Wolves 9 / 10

Trip 8 / 10

Desire 9 / 10

Space Oddity 7.5 / 10

The New Sun 7.5 / 10

Riot, Then The Cops 8 / 10

European Night Trains (1939) 8 / 10

The Day Before (Dead) 8.5 / 10

The Day After (Alive) 8.5 / 10

A Day Late 7.5 / 10

Off Beat 7.5 / 10

When The Money Is Gone 8 / 10

Alarm 9 / 10

Junk 9 / 10

Listen to something new, and experience this album.

It’s free, listen to it.

This musician has recently had her “success story” and is currently enjoying her well deserved fifteen minutes of fame. Lights (yes, she legally changed her name to this) has been on the radio airwaves and music channels constantly since her debut single “Drive My Soul.” Her first official release was a short 6-track EP that personally was on repeat when it first came out. The music on her EP and later debut album “The Listening” is catchy and her voice is unique and talented and proves she deserves all the attention she has. During her first two releases, excluding her remix EP’s of songs “Ice” and “Saviour” her voice is worked on a bit in the studio and it’s during these songs that you don’t realize the true talent of her singing abilities. During live performances or acoustic performances is when you can really appreciate her, there’s no studio producing when she’s performing on a stage right in front of you.

On July 20th, she released a short simple Acoustic EP containing only 5 songs of two of her singles and one cover of a Rancid song. The cover is surprising because Rancid is a punk band and her music is far away from punk; and this EP is far away then most albums. One acoustic guitar and her voice; that’s what the entire record is. Four words to describe this; sweet, simple, short, satisfying.

The first song “River” is a slow song on her debut album and it opens and sets the mood for the other songs on the album. The chorus will leave you singing along “Take me river, carry me far / Lead me river, like a mother / Take me over, to some other unknown / Put me in the undertow.” If this song doesn’t leave you in awe, the rest of it has to.The acoustic version of “February Air” is just as addicting as the original, if not more addicting. Is that even possible? If you’ve heard the song before you will without a doubt sing along with the chorus and if you never heard it before, it’s repeated enough for you to learn the lyrics easily. The cover of Rancid’s “Fall Back Down” slows the fast-paced track down and does the punk anthem justice. The next two songs leave you feeling satisfied and in awe just like every song on the EP before that.

The five songs equal to less than 20 minutes of music and each second of it is worth the very small amount of money you would be paying to get this album.  This short album is very cheap due to the fact that it’s only 5 songs on it and because it’s cheap; I recommend you to give it a chance because it won’t leave you disappointed. It’s catchy just like her full studio songs, and it’s filled with real talent. Give this a spin or two, you will not regret it.

1. River (Acoustic) 9 / 10

2. February Air (Acoustic) 9 / 10

3. Fall Back Down (Acoustic) 8.5 / 10

4. Saviour (Acoustic) 9 / 10

5. Romance Is… 9 / 10

LIGHTS.Acoustic 9 / 10

The Eminem we are more accustomed to; the one that we’ve grown up to blaring on the radio stations or on the music channels with the videos that are deemed “inappropriate.” He was beyond the typical controversial artist at the time that he came kicking his way into the music scene. He came into the scene , he left his mark and he had no plans of leaving. His debut album The Slim Shady LP was released in the year 1999 and with that album his infamous alter ago became world-famous. His single “My Name Is” became famous and blew up on the airwaves and was soon followed by “Guilty Conscience” which featured his mentor Dr. Dre. Slim Shady is his “alter ego,” it’s supposed to be the “crazy” side of the rapper. He uses Slim Shady to just let loose of everything; he takes out his emotions on a track. Slim Shady exaggerates and goes on to say he’s killing or raping women and occasionally men as well. Marshall Mathers on the other hand; is a bit more personal than the typical Slim Shady song. It touches on more serious issues or issues about who he is as an artist, as a rapper, as a human being like every other person listening to the album. A debut album filled with controversy, vulgarity and many more topics that parents and music labels hate. With an artist’s debut album causing so many problems onto the world, it’s impossible to lose the controversy ever. No matter what he does he will always be known as an artist of controversy. A man who tried convincing a man into robbing a store, into having sex with an under-aged girl, or killing his wife for cheating on him; referring to “Guilty Conscience.” Marshall Bruce Mathers (the third might I add) knows this well, he doesn’t care what the critic’s say or how controversial certain songs are. He doesn’t plan on changing himself, he said so himself, “That’s just the way I am.”

Without a doubt, Dr. Dre is Marshall’s mentor and the two have worked together since the previous album. It’s obvious a Dre beat with start the album (excluding the opening Public Service Announcement.) The first song screams controversy; with a title of “Kill You” and containing lyrics such as “You think I won’t choke no whore ’til / the vocal chords don’t work in her throat no more?” He makes a joke about the controversy behind himself and how a simple line in his song could cause a company regret talking about him. “Just bend over and take it like a slut, okay Ma? / Oh now he’s raping his own mother, abusing a whore / and snorting coke and we gave him the Rolling Stone’s cover?” (See side) The chorus; “Bitch I’mma kill you / You don’t want to fuck with me,” he’s not holding back at all.

What could arguably be Eminem’s best song  “Stan” starts with Dido singing the chorus and the sound of rain falling can be heard strongly. ”My tea’s gone cold I’m wondering / why I  got out of bed at all.” This song is highly acclaimed and this song is what really pushed Eminem into the spotlight. The name “Stan” has now become a slang-word to mean the obsessed fans; that’s what the song is really about. Four verses long; three of them being the fan Stan and the last one being a reply letter by Eminem. Stan writes continuously to Eminem explaining how he waits for a reply because “you said if I’ll write to you /you would write back.”  In the song, Stan explains how he idolizes Marshall and talks about 24/7.  Eminem doesn’t get a chance to reply and because of this, Stan thinks he’s being ignored and he takes all of it out, and he ends up killing himself, his wife (who is pregnant with his child). The story was brilliant, the beat was simple and great; the song has gone down in history as a classic and nothing else.

The next song is his way to tell the world that he didn’t mean to affect the world the way he did, he made music because that’s his passion. His intentions were not to harm the Earth. “Wake up, get a sense of humor / quit trying to censor music / this is for your kid’s amusement / but don’t blame me when lil’ Eric jumps off of the terrace / apparently you ain’t parents.” He goes on to explain more so how he was just writing things down with a pen, he didn’t mean to ruin anybody’s life.

The second single “The Way I Am” which is famous for him jumping off the building is him singing (or rapping loudly) about the similar to everything he’s already mentioned on the album; him being judged. “I don’t mean to be mean / but that’s all I can be is just me.” His first album was highly attacked by critics; and families as well. “The media immediately points a finger at me so I point one back at ’em,” and what does he do? He’s put up the finger that “you put up when you don’t give a fuck.”

“Will the real Slim Shady stand up?” His first single from the album talks about how he’s looked at different because he’s rapping and he’s white. He goes on saying on how other people are imitating him, “All you other Slim Shady’s are imitating.” This is a classic song with lyrics that are known all over the world, “Of course they gonna know what intercourse is / by the tie they hit fourth grade / they got the Discovery Channel, don’t they?”

The next song “Remember Me” featuring RBX (cousin of the rapper Snoop Dogg who also appears on the album) and Sticky Fingaz (a member of the hip hop group Onyx) starts with a rattling of a spray can. Each rapper starts their verse off with things that they’ve done that have made them famous (at least in the hip-hop industry.) “For this one it’s the X,” RBX goes first and at times he reminds me of rapper Xzibit. Before you even notice, he’s done and Sticky starts, sounding a bit like Busta Rhymes at times. With lyrics like, “my name should be ‘Can’t-Believe-That-Nigga-Said-That-Shit,” this verse will be memorable. In the verse, he says how he promises “the fucking critics I wouldn’t say “fucking” for six minutes,” that did not go through.

After Eminem screams out “Remember Me,” the song instantly changes and he starts singing. Without wasting any time his verse starts: “I murder a rhyme one word at a time / you never heard of a mind as perverted as mine.”  He goes on to say that when he was 12, he was his mommy’s little angel;when he turned 13 that all changed.  With lines like “I used to give a fuck / now I can give a fuck LESS / what do I think success? / It sucks,” the lines would be stuck in your head. “Whatever you say is wrong; whatever I say is right.” His flow stays consistent and well done through out the whole song.

He has a pattern; great songs that have lyrics that prove he can be a lyrical mastermind. Lyrics that will surprise you like, “That’s why we don’t call it Detroit / we call it Amityville / you can get capped after having a cavity filled.” Those songs would be great to listen to but nothing will compare or even prepare you for the 16th song on the CD. Which is easily one of Eminem’s most controversial and most shocking songs; “Kim.”

The infamous song about him killing the mother of his daughter. The song samples “When the Levee Breaks” by Led Zeppelin and the drums are loud and consistent through out the whole song. For nearly six minutes filled with screaming, impersonations of a women; they all melt together incredibly to make a track filled with chaos and it changes it into something loved by fans, and hated by everyone else. In the song he tells the story of when Kim got drunk and threw up over a friend. In the climax of the song he brings her to the woods and after she tries to run away he catches up with and he screams help for her, “Ah! Somebody help!” A few seconds later he slits her throat and he screams at her as she’s dying, “Bleed bitch, bleed!”

This CD just like every other Eminem is filled with two things; controversy and passion. Whether the passion he has goes into a song like “Kim” or a song released later such as “Mockingbird,” there’s one thing that’s similar; the passion. His passion for his family and his passion for his musical career are in every album he’s every recorded; it’ll be hard to figure out which one is bigger. If one thing is for certain it’s that Marshall Mathers is talented and has been for over ten years. This album was released in the year 200 and it’s being sold constantly; this album is a classic and it well deserves the title that is passed along too easily these days.

Kill You 8.5 / 10

Stan 10 / 10

Who Knew 8.5 / 10

The Way I Am 9.5 / 10

The Real Slim Shady 9 / 10

Remember Me 9 / 10

I’m Back 8.5 / 10

Marshall Mathers 9 / 10

Drug Balled 8.5 / 10

Amityville 8 / 10

Bitch Please II 9 / 10

Kim 9.5 / 10

Under The Influence 9 / 10

Criminal 8.5 / 10

The Marshall Mathers LP 9.5 / 10

My Chemical RomanceMy Chemical Romance’s debut album is very different from their known hits such as “Welcome to the Black Parade”, “Teenagers”, and “Famous Last Words.” This album does not contain that “mainstream” feel that you may be used to. This album has a raw, punk sound. It’s got that potential to be the band you love (or hate) today. Let’s put it this way, once you press play, the rawness that you hear, is emotion.

1. Romance

A beautiful piece of classical guitar starts the album, the piece of music may not be written by the band, but the piece is done greatly. The song is taught to many people when learning to play guitar. This piece is very calming and you think it would set the mood for an album like normally every intro does but ironically, it doesn’t.

2. Honey, The Mirror Isn’t Big Enough For The Two Of Us

Coming from a classical piece into, a great opening riff for a song (or album depending on what you think of the intro), a repeated riff until the drums come in, and then the song starts feeling more, alive, fuller. “The amount of pills I’m taking counteracts the booze I’m drinking.” He yells it pretty much and it seems to fit in the song so well. The verse seems a bit repetitive until the chorus starts, “You can cry all you want to, I don’t care how much you’ll invest yourself in me.” The song picks up and again and just has this, punk feel, and it’s so strong. You can hear the punk in it, and if they stuck with the punk scene, they might have had a huge following, but underground. They have a big following anyways, but who would have known how different it’ll be. “You won’t fuck my friends, and we’re not working out this time I mean it.” The lyrics are about a break up, and him telling a girlfriend that nothing seems to work, and whether he may want it to work or not, it’s not. “Oh baby, let me in. I’m knocking let me in.” Either, he got kicked out of his own house, or he wants it to work.

3. Vampires Will Never Hurt You

This yells something off a “Twilight Saga” soundtrack. The ominous feeling, and the darkness of it, it seems perfect. This will only work during a suspenseful scene. “And if they get me, and the sun goes down into the ground.” Correction, this song will be perfect for a horror film which is the opposite of Twilight, well depending on the viewer. “If they get me, take this spike and put the spike in my heart.” The singer is trying to say hat he needs to be killed if he gets turned into a vampire. Do you agree with that? One less vampire in this world. “Someone get me to the doctor, someone get me to a church where they can pump this venom gaping hole.” Question, what makes a person turn into a vampire? Is it the venom that makes a person a vampire or the bite, and if it is the venom, if you get rid of it, are you still a vampire? The song continues with the same feeling, slow and suspenseful and then crazy screaming, (not real screamo, just literally screaming lyrics). The song ends with some whispering, that to date I still don’t fully understand.

4. Drowning Lessons

Every song sounds different from the one before and the one after it. It’ll go from loud, to something that’s slow, and next is somewhere in between. The singing, is the same though; a bit rough, unpolished. Again, it might not be all there, but if you listen carefully, you can hear potential. It’s got a rough feeling, like if they were a “screamo” band but the screaming isn’t there so it seems as the band hasn’t perfected their “death growls.” This song seems to be nothing special, and nothing really stands out. The lyrics just like the other songs, seem a bit, “emo” as you’ll probably guess, and just because the lyrics aren’t your favorite doesn’t mean you should ignore them, and the music is better then the lyrics in this.

5. Our Lady Of Sorrows

A very “heavy” type of riff starts this song, “we could be perfect one last night and die like star crossed lovers when we fight.” Let’s face it; they may not be lyrical geniuses here. “Take my hand, and then we’ll solve the mystery of laceration gravity.” I’d like to solve the mystery of what laceration gravity is.  “Stand up fucking don’t let them see your back and take my fucking hand and never be afraid again.” Basically, behind his cursing his lyrics are about not letting a friend be alone when it comes to a fight, that’s what the lyricist meant. Sometimes, the swearing isn’t what is important, but the deeper meaning, metaphorical or not is what matters.

6. Headfirst For Halos

This song has to be the most “pumped-up” song on this album. “Well let’s go back to the middle of the day that starts it all.” This song like every other song on the album seems to be like a story. “Just think happy thoughts and we’ll fly home.” From another line in the song, the story is about him flirting on a girl and saying that to her, that line is, “Now honestly, that’s what I said to her, I said to her.” Fair assumption, don’t you think? “The red ones make me fly, and the blue ones help me fall, and I think I’ll blow my brains against the ceiling and as the fragments of my skull begin to fall.” Dark, I know it is.

7. Skylines And Turnstiles

What is said to be their first song written, it is said have been penned after the 9/11 disaster. The drums kick in with a great repeating riff. “You’re not in this alone; help me break this awkward silence.” This song has this feeling of something unique, something special, it’s different then anything and everything out there. “We walk in single file, we light our rails and punch our time.” The song talks about the “business” life, and how simple and how boring this life may be. “Hello Angel, tell me where are you? Tell me where do we go from here?” This line brings you images of thousands of people praying after the disaster, people on their knees crying after what they’ve seen. Through tragedy something amazing can happen, and thousands of people have had to be inspired about changing their lives and appreciating it a lot more after what happened on that fateful day. “After seeing what we saw, can we still reclaim our innocence?” One of the greatest lyrics I’ve ever heard or read.

8. Early Sunsets Over Monroeville

The song has a slow starting with a “sweet” simple feeling attached. “They’re holding hands and life was perfect.” See, a “sweet” type of song, the “was” implies that something went wrong. “Running away and hiding with you, I never thought they’d get me here.” Running from what? The song finally begins to explaining what went wrong, why perfect to them became a myth. “Just one bite,” could this mean more vampires? “Fought them all off just to hold you close and tight,” it’s after that line that everything starts making sense, and everything starts picking up. Picking up meaning louder and it has a different feeling in the music. “If I had the guts to put this to your head, and would anything matter, if you’re already dead, and now should I be shocked by the last thing you said, before I pull this trigger; your eyes vacant and stained. And saying you loved me, made things harder at best.” Finally the lyrics explain what the song is fully about. The song says the woman is dead, by a vampire and he should kill her, but it’s hard because she loves him, and possibly vice-versa. “But does anybody notice? There’s a corpse in this bed.”

9. The Best Day Ever

In my eyes this album has more of a “greatest hits” type of feel, no song flows with the next. One’s loud and the next one is even louder, the next would be really quiet. There’s no proper sequence done.  This album is all over the place, just like this song. “And we can run, from the backdrop of these gears.” This song, picturing it live, you can see the singer running on stage, and all over the stage, the bridge or chorus slows it down, the verse is all over the place, no structure, but it’s so damn good. “I thought I heard you say I like you.” As the song continues, it gets more toned down, and gets better. Just like the album, it’s loud, but when you listen to the calmed down and actually reality of the songs, it’s great. “One day, we’ll run away!” With that, the song is surprisingly short, and ends.

10. Cubicles

This along with Drowning Lessons is an “alright” song, where nothing really stands out. Until, the 2 minute mark at least. A catchy repeated riff starts, “I know you don’t here work here anymore.” This line or this song would be the perfect concert song where the fans are screaming the lyrics back at the band. “Just take me down; I think I’d love to die alone.” He repeats this over and over at the end of the song.

11. Demolition Lovers

The simplistic simple opening chords are plucked to start this masterpiece (in my opinion.) “Hand in mine, into your icy blues.” The drums start and then they just disappear and it’s great. Then, when the drums stay in the song, the song starts picking up, the chords are plucked louder. “And I will drive until the end with you. A liquor store or two keeps the gas tank full.” The song seems to be a similar story to that of Bonnie & Clyde, the couple who would rob liquor stores and travel across America. The song continues at the same speed and pace, so well done. “But this time I mean it, I’ll let you know just how much mean to me.” The song picks up more, and you just anticipate the “what happens next” The guitars get louder, and he starts screaming. “As days fade, and nights grow and we go cold.” This loud, metal riff comes in. Suddenly, the song feels like a brand new song, more upbeat, and more of a “showdown” feeling. “As snow falls on desert sky, until the end of every –” The music stops. Another simple chord comes in and you are left thinking, “what happened after the showdown?” “All we are, is bullets.” He starts singing, left you continuing to think about the rest of the story. “Bullets, I mean this.” This great guitar solo and drum solo comes in, that just leaves me mesmerized. This solo lasts under a minute, and how I’d wish I’d hear this longer, or even live. This part can be listened to on low volume. “Know how much I want to show you you’re the only one.” “And as we’re falling down, and in this pool of blood and as we’re touching hands, I’ll see your eyes, and I’ll meet your eyes. I mean this. Forever.” As the lines go closer to the end, his voice gets louder, and so does the music and with the last word, the song ends.

Romance 6 / 10

Honey This Mirror Isn’t Big Enough For The Two Of Us 8 / 10

Vampires Will Never Hurt You 9 / 10

Drowning Lessons 6 / 10

Our Lady Of Sorrows 7 / 10

Headfirst For Halos 8 / 10

Skylines And Turnstiles 9 / 10

Early Sunsets Over Monroeville 9.5 / 10

This Is The Best Day Ever 8.5 / 10

Cubicles 7 / 10

Demolition Lovers 10 / 10

I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love 9 / 10

Love King – The-Dream

The-Dream's Third Album

1. Love King

L to the O. V, to the E. K to the I. N to the G.” A catchy intro to any song, let alone your album. The-Dreams’ third album starts off on a good, and a catchy song, like always. Something I’ve noticed in songs of his, is he’s never afraid to be, I guess the word is real. He jokes around, he’s not afraid to hold back on swearing. He’s honest, and his music shows it. “Dream dropped another one. Tell them niggas bye-bye.” The song is about how he has girls around him and that are his, everywhere and anywhere. “Girls in the club, girls in the church, pull ‘em all day, I take ‘em off work.” A personal favorite line of his, “I got girls with weave, girls without it. She’s like, ‘this all mine’ ‘Hmm… I doubt it.’” He shouts some major cities that he has girls in, one is my hometown: L.A., Miami, Chicago, Toronto, Paris. The catchy hook comes in, “Half to my main girl, quarter to my sidekick, I be on that fly shit.” What does his hook exactly mean? Not a clue. “L to the O,” the damn catchy chorus kicks right back in, a chorus that gets stuck in my head, and most likely will to you too. The second verse, and he lists more things, like cell phone companies in U.S.A.: Sprint, AT&T, Metro. “A girl outta college, sorry ladies but there ain’t nothing like a smart bitch.” See, he’s true, and honest. The bridge comes in and he sings “You should know me like that.” And my favorite line comes in once more again.

2. Make Up Bag (Feat. T.I.)

This is the proof behind his swearing, first couple lines. “She madder than a motherfucker, ‘cause shawty is badder than a motherfucker.” This song is about him cheating and coming home and having his girlfriend reaction about it. Personally, I find this song ridiculous but then again, he’s a celebrity, so it’s normal for them. “She don’t want to hear me, don’t want to be near me, and she’s in the right ‘cause I got make up all on my collar. Chanel number 5 is all up on my shirt.” That’s the proof that he’s cheating, and here’s when he encourages cheating (in a small way). “Gonna spend night all alone, but it’s going to be fine cause this works every time.” His chorus comes in, “If you ever make your girlfriend mad, don’t let your good girl go bad, drop 5 stacks on her make up bag.” Not sure if he knows, not everyone has $5000 to just let your girlfriend or wife buy make up. The second verse comes, and it’s just as good as the first, and seems similar to until the last line, the girlfriend allows all this unnecessary shopping; “She said, you don’t want to break up? You know what to do to make up.”  T.I.’s verse comes soon after, and his flow is slow, but it fits with the song perfectly, I think it’s the best part of the song. “I’m in the club wasted, minding my own business, and they was all on me, I can’t help that broads want me.” He tells her to spend money just like The-Dream tells his girl, “I don’t buy ‘em cause you mad at me, swear to God I just want to see your sexy ass happy.” Nice save, I’m guessing?

3. F.I.L.A.

A more upbeat type of song; F.I.L.A. stands for Fall In Love Again. A nice touch in the song, is the beginning is when he says, “now do it acapella,” and the beat drops and the singing continues. I personally enjoy this song, but why? Why, is a hard question to answer. The lyrics aren’t fully there, nothing stands out, not that something from a swearing R&B artist should have, but nothing lyrically stands out. His voice, still comes out sounding good, but the song comes with this “happy” feeling, that cheers you up. Especially the chorus, he sings “Can you make me fall in love again?” and the entire time, he’s singing backup to the chorus singing “ahhh.” Nothing special at all, but it’s good. In the hook, he sings how he took somebody’s woman away, and she grabs his hand and asks him to make her fall in love again. The bridge is him promising the woman some things, but with the history of the other two previous songs, will he break them?

4. Sex Intelligent

The transitions from one song to the next for every album, including this one are just great, it fits perfectly and sometimes you can’t tell until the verse or chorus. “Face down, ass up, that’s the way we like to (oh!)” The intro is, I believe The-Dream rapping but the voice is “chopped” up, the song is pretty slow but the end of the verses it speeds up a bit and it sounds better. When the hook starts, you can enjoy the song more, “Baby girl, I make every nigga irrelevant, I’m sex intelligent.” The second verse is him saying how the girl is his, and uses comparisons to show it. The ending of the song is where everything gets much better. “Whatever you had to do is irrelevant, I’m sex intelligent. A-T-L-A-N-T-A.” And then, the intro into the “remix” starts.

5. Sex Intelligent Remix

“And she wants me to remix this dope shit.” It’s more of an upbeat faster sequel than a remix. The-Dream starts singing and it’s just similar to the previous song, but it’s sped up a bit more. Even the chorus is similar, “My sex intelligent, it makes all you other niggas irrelevant.” The second verse is him, rapping, kinda. It sounds more like he’s talking. The third verse is him singing, over a lowered beat, making it feel like an “acapella” moment. “Just for you, I’ll drop another cd.” This is what his fans hopes for because The-Dream said that he planned to retire after this one. “6-7-2011. I’ma drop that Love Affair.” It only makes sense that’s his next album, the Love in every title (Love/Hate. Love Vs Money, and of course Love King.) Now, fans of The-Dream have something to look forward to.

6. Yamaha

The beat reminds me of something that would have come out from a band like Daft Punk, or also some type of “chase scene” from an anime film. (Akira is coming to mind) The intro is him just repeating himself; he’s saying he doesn’t know the name of “Lil mama.” He starts singing to her saying, or more like trying to convince her to get with him. “I didn’t catch your name Lil’ mama, but I’ve decided. Every time I mention you, I’ll say Yamaha.” What does that even mean? He sings to her, trying not to let her leave him.  He comes to the chorus again, singing Yamaha over, and over again. Yamaha, being a type of car, or motorcycle more specifically, and it reminds me of the whole concept of “Fast Car” from his debut album (Love/Hate). “This one is for you, still got your name tattooed on my back.” Yamaha, or her real name? The beat gets lowered, and the voice gets stronger, and it sounds so much better then the rest of the song. Just like every other song on the album, you never tell when it ends and the next one begins.

7. Nikki Pt. 2

“I miss you.” I always thought that part was Yamaha; I won’t ever remember that it’s part of this song and not the last one. About the first 30 seconds of the song, is thrown away from what could have been a classic with this beat; the original was a classic and the fact that this one is so short is a disappointment. “It’s been two whole years, one album later.” It’s really a continuation. “If I said I didn’t miss, girl I would be lying.” The verse is short and simple. The hook, or the chorus is amazing, and the song just gets better instantly during the chorus. “Use to say I love you, now I scream fuck you.” I’d like to hear more about what happened with this Nikki girl. The amazing, but unfortunately short song ends with him singing, “And it’s all because of Nikki.” And eventually, with a darker beat comes “And it’s all because of you.” The darker beat starts the new, darker lyrics for Abyss.

8. Abyss

Just about the darkest song I’ve heard, at least from an R&B artist. The beat, seems suspenseful and dark, and it has that feeling. “So now, cry until you drown your face. Bitch, I don’t give a damn how harsh this may seem. I’m here to put your heart in its place: chained up in a bottom of the lake. Now let the water fall; abyss.” It’s unique, and the imagery is great; by that, it paints a pretty vivid picture for me. It’s true; The-Dream is a writing genius. The hook is the major thing that stands out for me, and I don’t think anything really stands out for me. The majority of the song he sings Abyss, and it’s a bit too repetitive, unfortunately. I wish more lyrics stood out for me in this song, but it was a great listen.

9. Panties To The Side

With a roar by a lion (random, yeah, I know) the song that I can’t play on a speaker too loud starts playing. “All we need baby is me and you. Cell’s off; just us too.” A song that I thought I honestly would never hear, at least at this point. “I’ll never be a pop star, I’m too raw. I’ll never be the hot actor; I’m too cold. I’ll never be the cover of a magazine, if you could tired of faking it. Call me.” That’s a lie, I’ve seen many covers of magazines with The-Dream on it. “I want to make love, to you baby doll. Pull your panties to the side, I’ll break you off.” Really? Of all things to do, pull them to the side? He said; make love, not a quickie. The beat definitely goes with the lyrics, and the chorus, the way he sings it, it would be perfectly for a single, and so would the whole song, except the lyrics aren’t going to be good. The beat changes. “Love Queen, put me in the corner.” The guitar, real or artificial, makes the beat, and the beat gets insane. The song ends him saying “call me.”

10. Turnt Out

The intro has the looped of him singing “call me.” The verse is in falsetto, and it’s during this song you can actually hear his singing range, and how skilled he actually is when it comes to singing. “You’re my bakery, where’s my dessert?” With lyrics like that, and the falsetto, and the slow smooth music, it’s obvious where the song will go. The song is obviously going to be used by couples during, nights. The calming and smooth music, I’ve listened to the song to calm me down, because it’s a nice song to listen to, if you don’t listen to the actual lyrics. The lyrics are good as well, just not everybody’s favorite type of lyrics, when you’re trying to calm down. Best lines of the song, “She on riding it out she’s like baby baby. My bad, I meant to say (falsetto voice) baby baby.” Reminds me of his other song; Falsetto. This is from the only verse that isn’t in falsetto. The song continues, and he sings “That’s my nigga right there” in falsetto, it sounds a bit funny, to me at least. The song slows down and ends.

11. February Love

This song starts with a piano and it seems simple, but like it’ll have a huge impact to any listener, an idea of that came to me when I first heard this. He starts singing, smoothly and to the speed of the song, “If you’re spring, I’m summer. If I’m fall, you’re winter. Speaking of winter be my February love.” He repeats himself, and he sings it well, and consistent. The beat picks up a bit at the 2 minute mark, the way that he sings stays the same until he starts singing in falsetto. Unfortunately the song never picks up and speeds up. The song, it’s great, but a bit too slow in my honest opinion.

12. Florida University

The song starts with what I wish the upbeat of February Love had, “I used to love you (shawty) you used to love me (shawty).” This song, during the verse, literally has the word shawty after every line. The song is upbeat, and would be that perfect, “club banger” off the album. This song, is great, upbeat, funny, and just all over perfect cheer you up song, “What rhymes with asshole? Asshole.” That’s classic. “Forget you ever heard of me, this is short for Florida University. Eff you. Eff you. Eff you.” To me, it’s a great finale type of song, I can’t find any bad criticism in my opinion, except too many shawtys. At two points of the song, is my favorite part. The beat drops and it goes to a guitar, and then back into the beat. “This is short for Florida University, Eff you, eff you.” The song is great, and I can picture and imagine many people dancing to it. The beat just goes on, and you wish the song never ends, and eventually it does, and you feel happy with what you heard.

Love King 8 / 10

Make Up Bag 8.5 / 10

F.I.L.A. 8 / 10

Sex Intelligent 7.5 / 10

Sex Intelligent Remix 8.5 / 10

Yamaha 7.5 / 10

Nikki Part 2 9 / 10

Abyss 8.5 / 10

Panties To The Side 8.5 / 10

Turnt Out 9 / 10

February Love 8.5 / 10

Florida University 9.5 / 10

Love King 9 / 10

Recovery – Eminem

Eminem's seventh album, "Recovery."

A known rapper, maybe mostly due to controversy of his albums and songs that include lyrical content of death and rape. A successful career that unfortunately went downhill due to the death of his friend DeShaun  “Proof” Holton. The man that was Eminem’s right hand man. After the death of his friend, he got more addicted to the pills that he was beginning to take during his Encore album. He blames the pills for the bad reception of his last two albums, and reassures his fan’s that this album will be better than Encore (2004) and Relapse (2009). Is he telling the truth and will this album make up for the last two albums?

1. Cold Wind Blows

The music begins and it screams Relapse, and I’m scared. “Cause some things, just don’t change, it’s better when they stay the same.”  The suspense of another Relapse kicks in, and the suspense is strong. “Fuck ’em all, tell ’em all. Eat shit. Here we go again.” The beat drops, and it comes sounding much different and much better. The first official (I don’t count that intro as real lyrics) lyrics off the album, “You can get the dick, just call me the ball sac.” It’s official all right, he’s back. His flow is crazy, and his lyrics are crazy, that’s if you can understand him. “Make my lips pucker up like Elton John, cause I’m just a mean cock-sucker.” Is it just me, or is Em the only one allowed to do this? Call himself out on being a mean “cock-sucker.” The chorus kicks in and Eminem says “Oh, oh oh oh oh, as cold as the cold wind blows.” He interrupts himself himself by saying, “Fuck it, I’m a loose cannon.” His epic flow with crazy lyrics continue: “I kick a bitch in the cunt, make her queef and sound like a fucking whoopee cushion.” (Somebody has to be laughing from this, I know I do.) Highlights in this song for me, is when he gets struck by lighting, twice back to back, and also when he’s got what supposed to be Marshall screaming to Slim Shady. “Put your hoes down! (Shady ease up! Man Chill) Nah, I can’t damn it.” The lightning is quickly followed by God, talking to Slim Shady. “During in an earthquake, urine in you’re face cause you’re fake. Ah, what the fuck that hurt. Wait! Ah, what the fuck, I got struck by lightning. Alright I quit, God I give up. Call it evil that men do, God forgive me for my pen do.” This is the part, where God forgives Shady, and Marshall for everything he has ever written. God replies by saying, “If you continue, to hell I send you.”  I would try and say that with something like that this album could go in one of two ways. A way more serious outlook, and not so many “joke-crazy” type songs, or all of them are like that and he says at the end, that he’s going to hell.  The next verse, is wordplay on wordplay, the lyrics are insane, it’s classic wordplay by Eminem.  The verse ends with him saying, “The last thing you want me to do is spit a rhyme and say that I was writing and I thought of you.” He finishes the song by him singing, and the final words of the song are “I guess this is how you made me.”

2. Talking 2 Myself (Feat. Kobe)

The next song starts, and Em is talking saying how he’s thankful for his fans, and how his fans are still here for him while “figured some shit out.” Kobe comes in with the hook, such a great hook. Guitars are behind his voice, and it sounds great. “Is anybody out there? It feels like I’m talking to myself.” The chorus is great, Kobe’s voice is great. Eminem’s flow comes and it’s great, but what’s to say about that? Nothing. It’s Eminem he’s known for his great flow, and does not need any more of a comment. In this song, he mentions about his dis tracks that are towards Lil’ Wayne and Kanye West. “I almost made a song dissing Lil’ Wayne it’s like I was jealous of him cause of the attention he was getting. I felt horrible about myself, he was spitting and I wasn’t. Almost went at Kanye too.” Em continues saying that if he did then Wayne and West would have murdered him. He mentions how his friend Proof there to stop him which is his reason why he almost did it, (an interview later Em admitted to recorded the Wayne dis) and after taking pills to convince himself to do it, part of him told him not to do it. His second verse, the first line is deep if you think about it, “Marshall you’re no longer the man, that’s a bit of a pill to swallow.”  I believe that’s his way of saying, that’s why he did it, took all the pills and couldn’t stop. The fact that he wasn’t seen the same way anymore, he was seen as worse, or “not the man.” He explains how nobody was really there around, or to help. “I must be talking to the wall though,  I don’t see anybody else  (I guess I keep talking to myself)” The last part is Kobe singing the track, and it works and sounds so good. Em continues to be himself, and swears, and jokes, and gets serious. The wordplay is great. He tells us, that he doesn’t count his last two albums, “My last two albums don’t count, Encore I was on drugs, Relapse I was flushing them out.” He finishes the song with, “I’m back with a vengeance homie, Weezy keep your head up, TI keep your head up, Kanye keep your head up. Don’t let up, keep slaying em, Rest In Peace to DJ AM ’cause I know what it’s like, I struggle with this shit every day.” This kills the song with this, and after he mentions how he didn’t mean anything to people he was going through things, but for everyone else he’s back, and he’ll be gunning for anybody else to dis and murder, in a song of course.

3. On Fire

With this song, I’ll be honest, the lyrical wordplay and metaphors and everything that makes go hard, it’s all there. I personally, don’t LOVE the beat of the song, and can’t get into it, I can listen to it, but it’s not one of my favorites off the album, it’s up there for type of lyrics, but the beat doesn’t do it for me. I enjoy the beat, but it’s not there. The verse comes in and he starts by saying, “Yo, yesterday my dog died. I hog tied a ho.” Classic em? “Hot headed like ghost rider, coldhearted as spiderman throwing a spider in the snow.” A great allusion to himself, relating to Spiderman and Ghost Rider, of all people. His lyrics continue, on point but they continue, slowly and drag’s on. The lyrics is there, the beat’s almost there, but his flow; great but no emotion. It’s like he’s reading off a paper. It’s ironic, the one part I like the most, the hook. Em calls it bullshit, “I just wrote a bullshit hook in between two long ass verses.” This means, it wasn’t great, but I found the hook has more emotion to me, at least when he’s singing. Other ad-libs in the chorus, “I’m so sick, ambulances pulling me over and shit.” Honestly, I listen to this song, because the lyrics, are brilliant, (too much to write, search the lyrics instead) but not for the emotion and the feeling that comes off with the song. It’s great, but does not compare to the first two songs.

4. Won’t Back Down (Feat. P!nk)

I know, I thought it too. “Pink? WHAT?!” Let’s just say this, his flow is CRAZY, it’s similar to the one of Despicable (A freestyle over Drake’s “Over” beat, and Lloyd Banks “Beamer, Benz, or Bentley” beat, if you haven’t heard. 5 words for you: What are you waiting for?) Though Pink’s verse, is random and the beat seems to much of a “metal” or a rip-off of a metal feeling, the beat is crazy, and this song has BETTER wordplay then On Fire, and this time it HAS that emotion. I don’t know where to start with this song, the flow; insane. Let’s say for a lot of the songs on this album, I’m going to keep this songs short, otherwise I’d be forced to analyze every other line, that’s how good his wordplay has become. “I gave Bruce Wayne a Valium and said settle your fucking ass, I’m ready for combat-man. Get it? Calm, bat man?” See what I mean? Wordplay. The chorus soon comes, and it’s so short, it’s great. It gets straight back into the song. The drumming behind the verses, is great, it’s non-stop and the loop is just, perfect. The crazy flow, meets and agrees with the crazy beat. He mentions something about his dick, figures. “I’mma measure my dick. Shit, I need six inches more.” The next line, a reference to the disease: Swine Flu. Yes, he uses the H1N1 disease in a song. “Need I remind you, that I don’t need the fucking swine flu to be a sick pig? You’re addicted – I’m dope.” Meaning, the person is addicted to him, the “dope.” Third verse now; one word: killer. He kills, and rips apart everything in the third verse. My favorite part, is when the music turns down, and then turns back up, his lyrics actually go and explain why it does it. “Bitch, you listening? Trying to turn me down?” This is when it turns down, “Slut! I’m talking to you, turn me back up! Are you insane? Trying to talk over me in the car. Shut the fuck up when my shit’s playing!” Funny, ain’t it?

5. W.T.P. (White Trash Party)

The beat, is supposed to be a party type of beat, (can tell from name) and you can hear it, but it seems to me like it’s halfway from a rap song, and the dance type beat. To me, it’s just about his weakest song, lyrically and beat wise also. It’s still a good song, but it’s not like he’s trying to do anything big with it. This might be his “joke” song off the album, by the chorus you can kind of hear it, “No one likes to be alone, so go grab somebody. Cause we’re having a white trash party.” During the second verse, something about what his voice, it makes me get more into the song,  it’s better then the first verse. I can’t personally even find something to describe while reading the lyrics. My favorite part is the bridge; “Long as up to no good, get on that floor man.” My favorite line, “I’ll be the S until the L M  to S-H-ady, why I don’t need a tank top to be a wife beater.” The song ends, and I can honestly say only one thing. “Finally over.”

6. Going Through Changes

Now that the catastrophe of a White Trash Party is over with, it can continue to something far greater. The song  begins with a sample of a Black Sabbath song by the name of Changes. The sample is Sabbath front-man Ozzy Osbourne singing “I’m going through changes.” The beat, it’s slow and Em’s flow is a bit slowly as well, it doesn’t have that crazy Slim Shady type of beat, so this instantly made me think that it’s Marshall’s real side coming out. Ozzy’s rough voice works just perfectly in this song. It gives chills. “I’m debating on leaving this world, this evening. Even my girls can see that I’m grieving. I try and hide it, but I can’t. Why do I act all high and mighty?” Em thought committing suicide? That’s a depressing thought to the fans of rap and music alone. He mentions that the only thing he’s scared of his own daughter. I believe that the reason why is because he knows what he’s going through, and he can’t deal with it. He doesn’t know what to do about it. Second verse, it seems like somebody is talking to him about what he’s going through, “Marshall, what happened to you? You can’t stop with these pills, and you’ve fallen off with your skills, and your own fans are laughing at you.” I’m not sure who this is, but on one hand they had a point. It seems to get into more of an argument. “They say Proof just flipped out, homie just swift out and bust.”  The person is talking, and now Em replies. ” Nah, it ain’t Doody to do that! He wouldn’t fucking shoot at nobody. He’d fight first.” Imagining this scene is from the way he talks, and he describes it, I can imagine it perfectly clear. Ozzy comes in again and sings. Sidenote:  Ozzy and Em, that’d be one crazy collaboration. This, is the verse that gets to me every time. “I ain’t slowing down for no one. I am almost homeward bound. Almost in a coma now. Yeah homie, don’t look now. Daddy, don’t you die on me. Daddy, better hold your ground. Fuck. Don’t I know the sound of that voice? Yeah, baby hold me down.” The daddy part has a little girl singing along, (possibly Hailey) and it’s sad, and when I listen to this, it’s tough not to cry. This line comes with an ambulance sound, it reminds me of Deja Vu off Relapse. In all truth, it’s a more descriptive continuation or maybe prequel if you may, to the song Deja Vu. The next verse, he says, “when I come I’m a bulletproof. I’ll do it just for proof.” He admits that he still loves Hailey’s mother Kim. Yes, the same Kim that he’s killed in songs, and he admits he loves her and would do anything for her on any day, it’s just never worked out. I like the real Em, when he’s honest, it’s much better and amazing.

7. Not Afraid

Fact: you’ve heard it before. If you haven’t heard this song, and you want this album, something is wrong with you and where you are. A strange coincidence; every time I play this song, a car passes by me and plays it as well, most of the time in the same verse. This song, it helps prove what he’s been through, and it shows how strong he really can be. The beat is great, it’s something different. He doesn’t hold any thing back, he shows himself in this, and that’s the Em that I enjoy most. The Marshall Mathers, rather then Slim Shady. His lyrics, are strong, and touching and his flow is great. “You can try and read my lyrics off of this paper before I lay ‘em. But you won’t take the sting out these words before I say ‘em” He calls himself a curse, he calls what he does and he can do a curse. “Like a fuck you for Christmas, his gift is a curse. Forget the Earth, he’s got the urge to pull his dick from the dirt and fuck the whole universe” His wordplay is on point during this album, “you lied through your teeth, for that. Fuck your fillings.” The Fillings refer to fillings in your teeth, and your personal feelings. “Let’s be honest, that last Relapse CD was “ehhh”, perhaps I ran them accents into the ground.” The second line, using the same accent that made people dislike Relapse so much. My favorite verse is the final one, it’s touching, and you can hear the emotions in his voice. “I promise to focus solely on handling my responsibility as a father, so I solemnly swear to treat this roof like my daughter’s and raise it, you couldn’t lift a single shingle on it.” He’s back, and he’s great, and nothing is going to stop him anymore, not for a while. “I’m raising the bar, I shoot for the moons but I’m too busy gazing at stars, I feel amazing, and I’m not afraid.” Chills, anybody?

8. Seduction

This song is about taking someone’s girlfriend away because of the reason, he’s a better rapper. The flow changes, its slow then speeds up, it’s great. I’m going to minimize my talking about wordplay because, it’s Em, and you got to know it’s there. “She’s on my dick cause I spit better than you. What you expect her to do? How you expect her to act in the sack, when she’s closing her eyes, fantasizing of digging her nails in my back during this track.” Ouch. The second verse, its killer. After my favorite part of the song, (“There’s a seven disc changer in her car, and I’m in every slot. And you’re not. Aw.” The flow and beat, and its insane) the flow changes, and it just blows right by you. You’ll sit there, replaying the verse, rewinding it, reading the lyrics saying, “Did he say that?” I don’t have anything to say about the second verse. Nothing critical, just tons and tons of good things. The last verse it’s crazy good, but the second verse is still better, to me.

9. No Love (Feat. Lil’ Wayne)

Yes, they sampled “What Is Love?” by Haddaway or in other words. “That song from Night At The Roxbury.” The intro gives a “dark type” feeling. You can hear the lighter flicker, and for any fan of Lil’ Wayne, you know what that means. Soon after, you hear “Young Money.” Wayne’s verse goes first. I have nothing bad to say about this song. The beat and the sample is insane. The hook is crazy, it’s a “club banger”, and it goes so hard. Wayne kills it, and Em goes harder and kills it as well. “So it’s fuck the world. Get a child out her.” Wayne’s flow is sick, it’s something different. “Married to the game but she broke her vows. That’s why my bars are full of broken bottles, and my nightstands are full of open bibles.” The beat rewinds and comes back great. “I’ve got my gun; semi-cartermatic.” A reference to the semi-automatic weapon he wasn’t arrested for. “Won’t knock me down. No love lost. No love found.” Weezy’s verse is on point, and the chorus sung by both Em and Wayne comes in, and then Em’s verse comes. “I’m alive again.” It shows, greatly. My favorite, a reference to Kanye’s Taylor Swift incident. “Get these wack cocksuckers off stage. Where the fuck is Kanye when you need him? Snatch the mic from him, bitch I’mma let you finish a minute.” Wow. It just gets better and better. “You can still get roasted because the Marsh(mellow and himself) is not mellow.” “Standing on my monopoly board, that means I’m on top of my game.” He is, really, really is. The song is towards the people who hated on him, when he needed all the help he could, “Where were you when I fell and needed help? You get no love.” I know, go hit that “previous” button, listen to it a couple more times. You want to, don’t you?

10. Space Bound

The beat is slow, and it’s real calming, and the lyrics are deep. He speaks about a relationship, which isn’t clear about him and a woman or him and drugs. Seeing how clear and serious he has been throughout the album it makes more sense, that it would be the drugs. “Love is evil, spell it backwards I’ll show you.” Here, he means evol, which sounds just like evil. I choose to apologize here to a friend of mine, Lopez, you were right. The flow is nice, it’s sort of smooth and slow and goes how the beat goes. Em is rapping over pretty much a guitar. The chorus reminds me of a corny cute type of thing, “Your heart’s the moon and I’m aiming right at you.” There’s nothing to me that stands out, it’s a simple song, and though it’s nice, and good, it’s nothing compared to the other songs he has.

11. Cinderella Man

An interesting concept, he raps a couple bars as a question and then the sample (I believe it’s a sample only), replies Cinderella Man before his verses begin. “Smash an hour glass, grab the sand, take his hands and cup em. Spin around to freeze a clock, take the hands of time and cuff em. Cinderella Man, Cinderella Man, Cinderella Man, Cinderella Man.” The drumming, is great, it’s sick and flows well with his verse and his flow as well. Em disses Relapse, again. “Fuck my last CD that shit’s in the trash.” The sample seems so much like rapper Nate Dogg which have been numerous amount of songs by Eminem. It’s a good song, and it pumps you up, but other than, nothing really stands out from this song.

12. 25 to Life

The song begins with singing, “Too late for the other side, caught in a chase. 25 To life.” I’m going to spoil the song for you right now. The song is about a divorce, to a woman. Who? I won’t spoil it all at once. I’ll leave a little surprise. “I don’t think she understands the sacrifices that I made; maybe if this bitch had acted right I would have stayed.” The beat, is really nice, and it’s a personal favorite of mine, and I can’t listen to the song unless it surrounds me and goes in both earphones. The lyrics come, and you can hear the anger and his emotion in the way he spits his lyrics. I can’t find a song that I can relate to by him, that makes me feel the way I do when I hear this. “Why I’m still married to you still man I don’t know, but tonight I’m serving you with papers. I’m divorcing you.” Though the lyrics aren’t what stand out so much to me, but rather the emotion he delivers with it. It shows that rapping is his love, and that he can take what he’s feeling and use it, to as much as he can. It’s great, and people only try to do. “When you spoke of people who meant most to you, you left me off your list. Fuck you hip-hop, I’m leaving you.” I would never want him to quit, he’s unique and no other rapper could ever match him. The concept of a love for music being a woman has been done before, “I Love H.E.R.” (Common), “Homecoming” (Kanye West), and I’m sure much more, but I prefer this to everything else.

13. So Bad

The first Dr. Dre beat on the album, it’s a surprise. You can kind of tell the difference between the songs and this, this seems like a song Em would rap on normally. The hook is my favorite part of the song. The lyrics aren’t fully there in my opinion, it’s a bit joking and it’s a good song to listen to, even just for a laugh. “Don’t I say the dopest words?” It’s the truth, but when referring to a song with his dope words, don’t use this song, there’s nothing really special.

14. Almost Famous

The intro, gives me chills, and I love it. The talking/whispering effect, it’s great. “I stuck my dick in this game like a rapist.” I like it, already. I love the beat, I love the chorus, I love the flow, the lyrics is not the greatest, but the song is insane. “I’m back for revenge, I lost the battle, that ain’t happening again, I’m at your throat like strep, I step strapped with a pen, and Metaphors wrote on my hand, some are distorting my memory.” The second verse steps up where the first verse was weak. Best line in the song. “Now get off my dick, dick’s too short of a word for my dick, Get off my antidisestablishmentarianism you prick!” Absolutely no comment to that, what’s to say? “As the cold wind blowing, this world ain’t gonna know what hit it, he did it, he made it, he’s finally famous!” That final lines, leads right into the song that will definitely make him so much more famous then before.

15. Love The Way You Lie (Feat. Rihanna)

Mostlikely the next single off the album, and I don’t blame it. It’s an amazing song, and this song will build the hype and sell the records it deserves. It will reach the top of your iTunes play count, it’s reached mine. It’s unique, ish. It’s similar to the other song produced by Alex Da Kid that I’m sure you’ve heard, Airplanes. The song seems like an explanation to a relationship that constantly fights, and even through everything he still wants to be with her. Let’s face it, good chance you’ve heard lyrics from this song, on twitter, or facebook or anything in between. It’s an amazing song, and again, hit that previous button, but not too many times. You’ll miss out from my favorite song.

16. You’re Never Over

The last album, it was dedicated to his friend Proof, and the dedication said how he couldn’t write a song good enough for a tribute track, so he dedicated the entire album to him. I loved that, and I read it, and I remember I found it really touching, and it literally made my eyes get watery. This is the track. This is the song he finally released, his tribute song to Proof. Is it worth it? Damn, straight. This song is filled with emotion, it’s something like I’ve never heard. The chorus comes in, Em singing high notes, and let’s be honest, the singing is bad. It’s not in his range, and it shows. “If Proof could see me now, I know he’d be proud.” I’m sure he is. The first verse is not my favorite. He doesn’t mention Proof except in the first line, and I wish he did. The second verse is where he doesn’t control himself or hold back. If I could, I would quote the entire verse. “For you, I wanna write the sickest rhyme of my life.” I have not read his sickest rhyme, but I’d have to go as far as saying this song is own of my personal favorites of all time. I’m just going to finish this song by quoting my favorite lines. “just the other night, had another dream about you. You told me to get up, I got up and spread my wings and I flew, you gave me a reason to fight, I was on my way to see you. You told me nah Doodi you’re not laying on that table I knew I was gonna make it, soon as you said think of Hailie, I knew There wasn’t no way that I was gonna ever leave them babies, and Proof not many are lucky enough to have a guardian angel like you Lord I’m so thankful, please don’t think I don’t feel grateful, I do.. Just grant me the strength that I need, for one more day to get through. So homie this is your song, I dedicate this to you. I love you Doodi” Doodi, is a nickname for Em by Proof, see: lyrics of Won’t Back Down. “I’m the shit, why do you think Proof used to call me Doodi.” Those lyrics, are touching and it’s sad and nice of him.

17. Here We Go

The so-called “Bonus” track (just because, it’s not listed on the back of the album) is the finale to his latest masterpiece. “Girl I think you just might of tried to pull a motherfuckin’ fast one; I’m mad. You just hurt my goddamn feeling and that was the last one I had!” I don’t think Em will ever run out of lyrics. The lyrics are insane. Wordplay insane. Beat, insane. Flow, never heard a bad flow out of his mouth so, insane as well. The song ends with him saying, “until next time”, so what can I say, except well. I can’t wait.

Cold Wind Blows 8.5 / 10

Talking 2 Myself 9 / 10

On Fire 7.5 / 10

Won’t Back Down 8 / 10

White Trash Party 7 / 10

Going Through Changes 8.5 / 10

Not Afraid 9 / 10

Seduction 8.5 / 10

No Love 9.5 / 10

Space Bound 8 /  10

25 To Life 8.5 / 10

So Bad 8 / 10

Almost Famous 8.5 / 10

Love The Way You Lie 9.5 / 10

You’re Never Over 11 / 10

Here We Go 9 / 10

Recovery 9 / 10

Thank Me Later – Drake

Drake's Debut Album

After much anticipation for Lil’ Wayne’s protégé, Drake’s debut album finally is leaked onto the internet. This album, it starts with a bang, maybe not a big bang but a bang nonetheless.

1. Fireworks (Feat. Alicia Keys)

A sample of fireworks is used in the opener of the album (Fireworks) a

nd the opening lyrics remind fans of a fan favorite “It’s funny how money can change everything.” (Fear), “Money just changed everything” (Fireworks). To me, the drums and the depth and reality of the song reminds me fully of Fear, as a sequel, a continuation. The end of each verse starts with one sentence followed by the word, fireworks with the word fireworks being acapella. The beats drops and leaves, and all you hear are the word. “I should have looked up at the sky at first / now I can see it in her eyes / Fireworks.” The hook, gives me chills, mostly Alicia Keys section, “All I see is fireworks / every night is fireworks / it’s taking off like oohh.” The beating of the drums, and the slowness of the music and the calm singing of the hook by Drake and Keys, makes this song such a great opener to a CD. Ironically, something typically loud, was made to be slow and simple and not to mention, just downright brilliant.

2. Karaoke

This song is too short, and should have been longer, in my honest opinion. The song is over 3 minutes, but there aren’t enough lyrics in this song. The beat, which is so smoothly calming and amazing, I loved it within the first minute. For almost the first two minutes, he’s singing (greatly, must I add). He then drops a rap verse, filled with amazing memorable lines, such a short verse. “I hope you don’t get known for nothing crazy / cause no man ever wants to hear that about his lady / I know they say the first love is the sweetest / but that first cut is the deepest.” If this song was followed by more verses, this would be my favorite song on his album. “I was only trying to get ahead / but the spotlight makes you nervous / and your looking for a purpose.”

3. The Resistance

To begin, this beat screams out “Lust For Life” and “The Calm” which are classics on his So Far Gone mix tape. Those songs have such memorable lines; it makes sense this record will too. The hook on the other hand, has nothing special. “You promised me you would never change / oh, huh huh / oh, huh huh.” The first verse, does not have anything that stands out exactly, but the second verse has about 5-6 lines of greatness, excuse the huge quote coming up. “I heard that they just moved my grandma to a nursing home / and I’ll be acting like I don’t know how to work a phone / but hit redial you’ll see that I just called some chick that I met at the mall that I barely know at all.” It’s songs like these, when Drake spills his guts, and shows that he’s not perfect. Not only is he not perfect, but he’s human, and he knows what he’s doing is wrong; he’s not saying it’s right, but its life. People can relate to him, and he’s not just some person that just wants money. “This women that I mess with unprotected / text us saying she wish she coulda kept it / the one I’m laying next to just looked over and read it / I couldn’t tell you where the fuck my head is / I’m holding on by a thread.” Without quoting ALL of the final verse, all I have to say is, he comes out fully and announces that he knows he’s changed and he never noticed. “The other day Lissa told me she missed the old me / which made me question when I went missing / and when I start treating my friends different.”

4. Over

This is the first single off the album and good or not, these lyrics are memorable to only one that hears this song and actually pays attention: “What am I doing, what am I doing? / oh yeah, that’s right, I’m doing me.” This song is something different, that nobody’s really used to, and it is good, but not the best off the album. Some of the wordplay, and metaphors, and analogies that Drake is known for, it’s not all there, and it’s not the same compared to everything else he’s doing. It does do exactly what needs to be done for a debut single. It builds hype – crazy hype. It pulls you in, and makes you want to hear more, and better. In the first verse, there’s a section where he pulls a “U-Turn” type of effect that makes me think “Where did that come from?” “I shouldn’t have drove, tell me how I’m getting home / you too fine to be laying down in bed alone / I can teach you how to speak my language Rosetta stone.” Quickly after, he brings a Thriller reference. “Got to go thriller Mike Jackson on these niggas / all I need is a fucking red jacket with some zippers.” Drake is better then this, and does not meet any standard for Drake.

5. Show Me A Good Time

This song had major hype building up because of the producer alone: Kanye West. He is known for having samples, as are most producers, but he takes unusual things, and samples it, and loops it, and adds insane drums and the outcome; an insane beat that leaves you in awe and have a “double-u-tee-eff” effect. (See also: “Power” – Kanye West) Reading comments about Drake having the same flow, over and over, he switches his flow in this song. New faster flow, and a crazy beat together, the outcome; A good time. (Pun intended) He sings the intro, and halfway through he seems to rap the hook. “I live for the nights that I can’t remember / with the people that I can’t forget.” (The word oxymoron seems to be the first word to pop to my mind) The verse comes, and quickly goes without much notice. Maybe I pay attention to much to the beat rather then his lyrics, or there’s another reason not coming to mind, but after the verse, the hook kicks in again “How did I end up here with you? / after all the things I been through / spend money these days / we try and forget about / take the shot and let it out / let’s get right, now that I’m here baby.” Out of the second verse, the only lyrics that pop out to me are the end of the verse. “Call me over rated or creative or too jaded because any way you put it bitch I made it, YUUP.” Yes, the “YUUP” is a reference to his “best buddy” Trey Songz.

6. Up All Night (Feat. Nicki Minaj)

Without warning, without introduction, Up All Night begins, with Drake’s verse. “Kush rolled glass full, I prefer the better things / niggas with no money act like money isn’t everything.” After the listener gets past another crazy flow, they might lose the lyrics like myself, and pay attention to the different, but just another brilliant production on this track.  “I got the money in these jeans, so they fit me kinda snug, plus the game is in my pocket, nigga this is what I does,” and with that, Drizzy kicks in with the hook, witch might be the best hook on the album, or the top three. “All up in your face man, I hate to put you through it I be up all night.” He explains within the hook that he loses people from year to year, and possibly even day to day with his lifestyle. “I don’t really know who I’mma lose this year, man I love my team, I love my team, I would die for these niggas.”  Nicki typically, (for me at least) kills whatever verse she gets on, and she eventually does, except for the beginning. “I get the kind of money that make a broke bitch bitter / I got that kind of… Wait, wait, fixate!” She seems to stumble over her own words, which is normal for any human, but to keep that into a song, it seems kind of slow to me at least. She doesn’t kill much more, brings up some idiotic lines, “I look like yes, and you like no.” The best line she gets, “I collect 100 thou at the venue, and pop bottles with my team, Young Money till the death of you.” Next comes the chorus, and then the song ends, thus concluding one of the two Young Money collaborations on the album.

7. Fancy (Feat. T.I. & Swizz Beatz)

This song upsets me because I can’t decide where I stand on this song. I’m by far, not a fan of Swizz Beatz, his rapping or his actual production, and I was disappointed that the song Drake has with T.I. (I am a fan of the Grand Hustle CEO) had to be produced by none other, but Swizz. He kicks off the song with a “grower” of a hook.  “Oh, you fancy huh / nail done, hair done, everything done.” At first, this hook isn’t that well, but listening to the song continuously is making me change my mind. Drake begins rapping, with a quicker flow then usual, and his lyrics and wordplay isn’t that strong compared to others, nothing really pops out except for “They got a little class like half days.” Drake’s verse ends and the hooks starts again. After Swizz is done with his hook, T.I. kicks in, “Well, aren’t you a breath of fresh air from all the superficial gold digging bitches in here.” His verse begins with a great line, and the verse continues to be brilliant, and includes a reference to his Grand Hustle label-mate B.o.B. (“You play these suckers just like B.o.B. plays the guitar.”) T.I. lists tons of brands that happen to be about the “gold digging” women that want to be famous by having sex with famous people. He ends his verse, over being acapella.  Swizz does his hook, and when Drake comes in for his next verse, the beat is different; it slowed down, and got far much greater. He begins his own type of hook, and the hook is far greater compared to the original one that Swizz did for the beginning of the song. This is when the song becomes brilliant. Drake’s lyrics and wordplay are far greater compared to the first verse, with lines such as “Better late then never / but never late is better. They tell me time is money / well let’s spend it together.” After his verse ends and the chorus is in again, and this two-part song is finally over, but slowly it turns into unfortunately over.

8. Shut It Down (Feat. The-Dream) / Lay You Down

Fancy’s slow calm beats slowly transitions you into the next slow song on the album, Shut It Down, and the second part, Lay You Down. The slow beat and the song begins with Drizzy on his verse, “I had to mention that if you were a star, you’d be the one I’m searching for.” This song is intended, to pump up girls who are ready to go out. Proof of this: “Got this little song for you to get ready to.” Drizzy verse when he’s is typical Drake, its calming and nice, nothing too special, but not exactly average. The chorus kicks in with nothing too special, lyric wise: “you be the baddest girl around, around, around, and they notice, they notice.” The “American Dream”, as he calls himself sings his verse, which his lyrics, like Drake’s voice, are nothing special. In a way, he repeats himself. “Girl you’re the greatest, and if he says you ain’t. Girl he’s out his mind. You’re the finest, and if he says you’re not, that boy done lost his mind.” His next line, I’d like to call a flop: “Shut it down, like computers.” One of my favorite moments out of the song, (actually, the entire album) is the end of Dream’s verse. The chorus kicks in with a strong beat, and with both Drizzy and The-Dream on the hook, and I just find it absolutely powerful. Dream’s next verse, or possibly a bridge comes next; the structure of this song is like nothing I’ve seen before so I’m not sure what to classify his next few bars. He makes another “tongue-in-cheek” line like his computer line: “Ice cream conversation, they all want the scoop.” Scoop, as in ice cream scoop. It’s corny, and pretty lame but it can’t help me laugh a little on the inside every time. Next, Drake begins rapping, and his set of bars, are pretty good, at least with the smooth and soothing background music. A memorable line is when he talks about feeling the time stop when his eyes see this girl (“I feel like when she moves – the time doesn’t” the last three words, being in acapella to match the “no time movement.”), talking about the girl’s “fine” cousin, and comparing her to the said “fine” cousin. “You’re finer then your fine cousin, and your cousin fine but she ain’t got my heart beating double time.” The double time is a reference to music and a faster beat, which also goes hand-in-hand with Drake’s flow at the moment because he speeds it up for a split second. The verse ends with Drake and Dream both singing, “You shut that thing down!” and enter another strong beat and strong chorus. The song slows down, and stops for a second before it picks right back up again and Dream singing, “You looking good girl go go go get ‘em girl!” The song seems to end, and for a strange surprise, it seems as if the song begins to rewind. It seems to have this rewinding effect for a couple seconds, until the beat is set in, and Drake begins his third verse, it’s a nice calming verse, and he changes Shut It Down to Lay You Down. He’s trying to convince a woman into sleeping with him, “Girl, I don’t want you to leave, you tell me you’re just not the type, and you wanna do this right.” I think Drake is really into this woman, “Nothing is what I can picture you in, I swear you won’t forget me, you’ll be happy you let me lay you down, down, down.” This almost seven minute song is what makes this song a classic to me, and one of my favorite off the album.

9. Unforgettable (Feat. Young Jeezy)

This song begins, with the voice of the memorable and unfortunately deceased Alliyah. Her intro to her song, “At Your Best” is sampled and on a loop during the song. The intro she’s singing, “Let me know, let me know.” More of her voice should have been in the song in my opinion. Drake begins rapping, “Yo, this is really my dumbest flows ever.” In all honesty, I don’t know what those lyrics are supposed to mean in relation to his flow. The next line, he says, “Me and my latest girl agree to go are separate ways, so I’m single.” The line reminds me of Lil’ Wayne’s “Single.” His flow is really stupid in this song, stupid meaning good. (I think I just realized what dumb flow means) An unfortunately short verse of Drake’s part, but filled with crazy lines such as: “Since you can’t escape me, do I ever cross your mind?” “All this shit is new to me, I’m learning to behave and spending every dollar they encourage me to save.” The chorus comes in with Young Jeezy, (honestly I am not a fan of him, and when I first heard about his feature, I wasn’t ecstatic about it.) and Jeezy is on his game, and the beat and the speed of the song fit perfectly with him. “I’m just riding around the city with my hood on, and my windows down.” Jeezy raps a line, and Drake sings back, “I just really hope that (you think of me cause I’m trying to be unforgettable)” My favorite line by Jeezy, “When I say for life, y’all say forever.” Though Jeezy’s lyrics aren’t that great, but his rough flow and are beyond perfect for this beat. I can’t imagine any other rapper on this beat with Drake, except the snowman himself. Once again, the late Alliyah sings, and takes out of this “unforgettable” song. Can this song be unforgettable? No, but it does not compete with other songs on the album, especially not the one previous, and for damn sure, not the next song.

10. Light Up (Feat. Jay-Z)

A slow piano begins and before you know it, the drumming kicks in and the highly anticipated collaboration with Hova has definitely began.  “I’ve been up for four days, getting money both ways, dirty and clean.” That’s one heck of a line to start your verse. Something that had to run through Drake’s mind was “I have to kick it up a notch, because I’m working with Jay-Z.” Whether or not, he thought that, it seems to me that he did. In his one verse, he brings out strong lines, and he’s real about who himself which is always a bright side. “Cause while all my closest friends are out partying, I’m just here making the music that they party to.” One great line in this: “I got these rappers nervous, prom night nigga.” The rapper line is a wordplay trick, rapper sounds like wrappers, which is code for a condom and every one knows how some couples always have sex for the first time on prom night. His last line before passing the mic to Jay, “I gotta feel alive even if it kills me, I promise to give you me – the real me.” The hook, just about the catchiest hook kicks in, “Who would have thought I’d be caught in this life? Let’s celebrate with a toast, and make it all light up.” Jay, the man filled with entendre’s, begins his verse with a triple entendre, and even mentions it too. “Ow, Hov’s turning head’s like owls, I’m the man of the – hour. Triple entendre don’t even ask me how.” Ow, owl, and hour sound similar, and they mean absolutely completely different things, but give it up to Hov, to make it sound right. A reference to his smash hit with Rihanna and Kanye West (“Run This Town”) “I don’t do much blogging, I just run the town, I don’t too much jogging.” At this point, let’s face it; Jay-Z already did better then Drake. The next and last couple bars of this song, is just over kill. “Drake, here’s how they gon come at you, with silly rap feuds to distract you.” Jay-Z gives Drake a lecture, in Drake’s own song. “To these niggas, I’m like windows 7. You let ‘em tell it, they swear they invented you.” A reference to both the Windows 7 commercial of ordinary people saying they invented windows 7, and also Jay’s song “Lost Ones.” The intro of his song, the first thing he says is, “I heard these motherfuckers say they invented Hov, made Hov say okay, so make another Hov.” The last lines are crazy, without describing them and just listing them you will know, no explanation needed. “These bright lights turned me to a monster, sorry mama I promised that they wouldn’t change me, but I woulda went insane had I remain the same me. Fuck niggas, bitches too. All I got is money and this’ll do.” The chorus kicks in, but it’s unnecessary, people would love the song more if the song ended when Jay said “This will do.” Everyone ignores the chorus anyways, they’re too busy picking up their jaw or saying “Damn.”

11. Miss Me (Feat. Lil’ Wayne)

The beat begins and the collaboration with the Young Money CEO begins. I believe that this song was one of the first songs he recorded after he went for his surgery, “Gone for surgery but now I’m back again.” The story behind the Bun B (member of UGK) un-named feature is that Miss Me (“Drake, you got ‘em right? Yeah, I got ‘em Bun”) was originally All Night Long which was intended for Bun B’s album Trill OG (his third album, and read it fast, it says: trilogy. Bun’s clever.) Drake’s verse is good, but absolutely nothing stands out from the first part, but once he tells us what his name stands for (meaning his real rap name is “D.R.A.K.E.”) it gets better. “Drake just stand for Do Right And Kill Everything.” Next, he admits his love for Nicki Minaj, “I love Nicki Minaj, I told her I’d admit it, I hope one day we get married just to say we fucking did it.” When this song first leaked onto the internet, it had the All Night Long hook, was catchy but it’s got nothing on this one. “I just hope that you miss me a little when I’m gone.” The hook seems more for Wayne and his time in jail am I the only one who thinks this? Weezy comes in with his verse, which is about the most swearing I’ve ever noticed. Proof,  first line: “Ooh, shit. Motherfucker god damn.” The rest is typical Wayne, a line that makes me laugh: “I am Weezy, but I ain’t asthmatic.” (Wheezy, as in, out of breathe for someone who didn’t get it.) Something kinda dirty, “She masturbate to me, that’s how she learn every song.” The beat changes up and goes slower, “I’m a love machine, and I won’t work for anybody but you.”  Lil’ Wayne next talks about about how he’s gone until November, but he’s got nothing to worry about. Drake is here, and Drake is ready to take Young Money on his shoulders, and kill the rap game. Wayne’s verse ends, and the chorus begins, and everything slows down. Into a type of interlude, it makes sense, because of the next song.

12. Cece’s Interlude

Similar to Bria’s Interlude from his mixtape So Far Gone, it’s a little short song dedicated to a women either named or nicknamed “Cece.” The song is just him singing, and the second verse is where it starts getting better. Lyrics-wise. “I wish I wasn’t famous, I wish I was still in school so I can i have you in my dorm room.” The shortest track on the album, and honestly I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this, including the guitar solo at the end of the second verse. The beat, is so slow and this guitar solo comes absolutely out of nowhere.

13. Find Your Love

Just about the catchiest, and simplestic beat as well. It is the second song produced by Kanye West, and it shows. The beat reminds many people of Kanye’s last album, 808’s and Heartbreak. (808 referring to the machine that he used to produce) There’s nothing much to say about the song. On the plus side, it screams out: single. It’s a great “party” type song that pumps you up. On the down side, the lyrics are absolutely disgusting. This time, it really means bad. Drake says about 5 words, and then says, “Hey, Hey, Hey.” Is it catchy? Yes. Does it fit the song? Yes. Can Drake do better and absolutely rip this beat apart? You betcha. It’s a great song, especially mostly for the ladies, who can complain?

14. Thank Me Now

Produced by Timbaland, and honestly, I wish it wasn’t. Timbaland, lately has been a “Hit or Miss” with his beats. The chorus kicks in the song, “You could thank me now. Thank me later, yeah I know what I said, but later doesn’t always come so it’s okay, you could thank me now.” The “it’s okay” reminds me of Bobby Lee’s (from Mad TV) character when he would say, “Uh-oh, hot dog!” The first line is proof about where the album is recorded, Hawaii. “Mahalo from the hardest act to follow.” Timbo’s beat, is not that strong, not that great. Not what is needed for a finale to what’s supposed to be (and most likely will be) a classic. Drake’s line’s are not that strong in this, except for the occasional ones, such as: “Drink up because everyone that’s here is good for tonight, except the niggas  that I came with, they good for life.” Honestly, the finale drags on, and was a disappointment in my eyes, I can barely finish the song all the time.  With one last shout to Toronto (“Shout out to my city, though I be hardly in town.”) The album is sadly over.

Fireworks 8 / 10

Karaoke 8.5 / 10

The Resistance 9 / 10

Over 7 / 10

Show Me A Good Time 7.5 /10

Up All Night 8 / 1o

Fancy 7.5 / 10

Shut It Down 9 / 10

Unforgettable 8.5 / 10

Light Up 9 / 10

Miss Me 7 / 10

Cece’s Interlude 7.5 / 10

Find Your Love 8 / 10

Thank Me Now 6.5 / 10

Thank Me Later 8 / 10